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Kichaka kingdom was a kingdom in ancient India. It was subordinate to Matsya Kingdom. It was ruled by Kichaka, the brother of queen Sudeshna of king Virata and commander-in-chief of king Virata. Kichaka was killed by Bhima when the Pandavas were in hiding in Matsya kingdom. The capital of this kingdom was Vetrakiya, a city on the bank of river Vetravati


Kichaka kingdom was under Matsya kingdom. It was surrounded by Surasena, Chedi, Karusha, Panchala South, Kuntirastra, Yakrilloma, Matsya and Patachara kingdoms. It was also located near the Madhu forest. Kichaka was located between rivers Vetravati and Charmanavati. Yamuna river lay to the north of Kichaka kingdom. The village Ekachakra, where the Pandavas lived for some time was located in this kingdom.

Places in Kichaka Kingdom

  • Bakasura’s Territories- A small part of Kichaka was under Bakasura, a rakshasa .
    • Bakewar- This city was where Bakasura ruled from.
    • Ekachakra- This was a small village part of Bakasura’s territory.
  • Vetrakiya- Capital of Kichaka kingdom. This is where Kichaka ruled from.

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