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Suparsava (Suparsa) kingdom was a kingdom in ancient India. Many years ago the Vidarbha royal line had split and the junior branch was called Kratha. The king of Suparsava kingdom was Kratha, who was brother line to Vidarbha royals.


The Suparsava kingdom was located on the banks of Hiranyavaha river. To the east of Suparsava were Maghada and a Yavana region. To the north was the Yamuna river and the city of Rohitaswa. To the south was the Hiranyavaha river and to the west and northwest was the kingdom of Kasi and a Nishada kingdom. To the southeast was Kikata kingdom and to the southwest was the Malada region. To the northeast were Kusampuri (Patliputra) and the Vaisali kingdom.

King Kratha of Suparsava

The original king of Suparsava kingdom was Kratha. He was brother line to Vidarbha royals. He was killed by Krishna in the Jarasandha war. His son Kratha || fought with the Kauravas. Kratha || had a son named Krathaputra who was one of the chief officers in Sahadeva’s military campaign. Krathaputra was said to be the hunter of Patachcharas and may have been their king.

Krathas in Kurukshetra War

Kratha || and Krathaputra along with Patachcharas sided with the Kauravas, just like many other tribes. Krathaputra and the Patachcharas defected to the Pandava side, but Kratha || stayed with the Kauravas. Later in the war Kratha || killed Krathaputra, his son.

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