The three Ribhus (Rhibhus) are three brothers who are crafter gods. They attained godhood by pleasing the devas with their magnificent creations. Their names are Ribhus, Vaja, and Vibhavana. Ribhus is their leader and that is why they are called the Ribhus. They are the artisans of the devas and are similar to Vishwakarma.


  • Father- Sudhanvan, an ancestor of Rishi Angiras

Attaining Godhood

The Ribhus became disciples of Vishwakarma, the godly architect. When Indra heard of their skill and prowess, he sent Agni to test the Ribhus. Their challenge was to turn one cup of Vishwakarma into three. When they accomplished the task the devas were pleased with them and granted them immortality. They made the Ribhus devas the gods of crafts.


The Ribhus have created many great works of art. They created Indra’s chariot and the carriage of the Ashwins. They also made Indra’s horses and the cow of Brihaspati, the preceptor of the devas. They have crafted many other amazing creations for the devas.

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