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Odra was an eastern kingdom in ancient India. The tribe which lived in Odra was called the Odras.


Odra was situated in east India near the Vaitarani and Brahmani rivers. To the south of Odra was Kalinga and then the Bay of Bengal. To the direct north was the kingdom of Atavi. To the northwest was Utkala and to the southwest were the Mahendra mountains and the Mahanadi river. To the west was the Brahmini river and to the east was the Bay of Bengal. To the northeast was the Suvarnarekha river & the capital of North Kosala: Dantapur, and to the southeast was Manipura kingdom & Rajapura, the capital of South Kosala.

In Mahabharata

In the Mahabharata, the Odras were mentioned along with the Vangas, Angas, and Paundras as bringing tribute for Yudhistira for his Rajasuya sacrifice.



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