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Vardhamana was an ancient kingdom in ancient India during Mahabharata times. This small kingdom was located in northeastern India.


Vardhamana kingdom was located to the north of Pundra kingdom. To the northeast and east of Vardhamana was Pragjyotisha kingdom. To the southwest of the kingdom was Angadesha and to west and northwest were Kaushiki Kaksha and Videha. To the far southeast was the land called Samatata. Vardhamana kingdom was on the banks of the Karatoya river. To the north of Vardhamana was the origin of the Karatoya river: The Himalaya Mountains.

Bhima’s Eastern Military Campaign

During Bhima’s eastern military campaign for Yudhistira’s Rajasuya yagna, he defeated Vardhamana. Bhima had divided his army into two. Half of his army was at central UP plains and the other half north at the Himalayas. With his northern army, he encircled most of Bihar and annexed North Bengal, Malda, and Vardhamana kingdom.



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