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Hastinapura (Hastinapur) was the capital of the Kuru kingdom for a very long time. Hastinapura is now about 37 kilometers from the modern city of Meerut. This city was really prosperous during the Mahabharata. Hasti was the original founder of this large city.


Hastinapura was located in Kuru Proper. To the north of Hastinapura was a small town called Vardhamana. Vardhamana was located near the northern gate of Hastinapura. Hastinapura was located in the center of the Kuru Proper part of Kuru kingdom. This city was on the banks of the Ganga river.

Founding of Hastinapura

There was a Kuru dynasty king named Dhitrastra (not Dhitrastra, father of the 100 Kauravas). He had eight sons. Their names were Kundika, Hasti, Vitarka, Kratha, Havihsravas, Indrabha and Bhumanyu. Among them, Hasti was the one who founded the city of Hastinaura and established it as the capital of Kuru. Hastinapura stayed as the capital of Kuru kingdom for a very long time. One of the grandsons of Dhitrastra was Pratipa, the father of Shantanu, Devapi and Bahlika I.


The population was really high in Hastinapura. Hastinapura has a huge palace located inside it for the Kuru royal family.



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