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Rochamana was the king of Ashwamedha kingdom during Mahabharata times. He was an incarnation (Avatar) of the great mettlesome Asura named Asvagriva. He was killed during the Mahabharata war. Rochamana had a brother.

Bhima’s Military Campaign

During Bhima’s eastern Rajasuya military campaign, he attacked Ashwamedha kingdom. Rochamana came to fight with him. Soon, Rochamana was defeated by Bhima. Bhima collected tribute from Ashwamedha kingdom and then left.

Kurukshetra War

Even thought Bhima had defeated him in his campaign, Rochamana and his brother decided to help the Pandavas during the Kurukshetra war. He brought his entire army. The entire Ashwamedha army was destroyed by Arjuna and Bhima on the fourteenth day of the war. During the war, Dronacharya killed Rochamana and his brother.

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