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Dhridhasena was a minor character from the Mahabharata. He was a Kuru cousin and ruled a small kingdom. He joined the Pandavas in the Mahabharata war and was killed by Dronacharya on the 12th day. Dhridhasena married Kadaligarbha.


  • Wife: Kadaligarbha

Marrying Kadaligarbha

Once, there was a city called Ikshumati on the banks of a river called Iksumati. That city had been set up by Vishwamitra. On the shore of the river Iksumati was the hermitage of Rishi Makanaka. Rishi Makanaka was the son of Vayu, so he was a brother to Bhima. He was engrossed in penance. One day, the apsara Menaka came to that spot from the sky. Because of the wind, Menaka’s upper garment blew away. Seeing her bare body, Rishi Makanaka had emission onto a kadali tree. Because of this, a baby girl appeared there. Since she was born from a kadali tree, she was named Kadaligarbha by Makanaka. Kadaligarbha grew up to become really beautiful and lived with her father.

One day, Dhridhasena was hunting. While hunting, he came across Rishi Makanaka’s ashram. There, he saw the beautiful Kadaligarbha and he immediately fell in love with her. With the permission of Rishi Makanaka, Dhridhasena marrried Kadaligarbha.

Kadaligarbha had seven brothers. Before leaving with Dhridhasena, they advised her to leave a trail of mustard seeds on the way to Dhridhasena’s kingdom. They said that if he ever abandons her, she can follow the trail of mustard seeds back to the ashram. Kadaligarbha did so. Dhridhasena then took Kadaligarbha back to his kingdom.

Divorce and Remarriage with Kadaligarbha

Dhridhasena had a friend who was a barber. One day, while the barber was shaving Dhridhasena’s hair, he lied to Dhridhasena and told him that Kadaligarbha was a witch. Following the lies of the barber, Dhridhasena divorced with Kadaligarbha. Upset, Kadaligarbha returned back to her father’s ashram via her trail of mustard seeds.

Soon, Dhridhasena realized that the barber had been lying. He broke the friendship with the barber and went to Rishi Makanaka’s ashram to ask forgiveness from Kadaligarbha. Kadaligarbha accepted his apology and remarried him.

Kurukshetra War

During the Mahabharata war, Dhridhasena joined the Pandavas. When Dronacharya was trying to capture Yudhistira on the twelfth day, he killed Dhridhasena along with many others.

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