Annapurna is the goddess of food, cooking, and nourishment. She is an incarnation of devi Parvati. Anna means food and grains and purna means full or complete. Annapurna and Shiva Once Shiva and Parvati were playing the game of dice. In the following game Shiva lost his trident, his serpent and even his begging bowl. …

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Kasi Kingdom

Kasi (Kashi) was a ancient kingdom during the times of both Ramayana and Mahabharata. The capital of Kasi was Kasipura (Varanasi). Sumitra, the mother of Lakshmana and Shatrugna was from this kingdom. During Mahabharata this kingdom was part of Southern Central Kosala kingdom. Kasi was a really holy place where worship of Shiva was prominent. …

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Lauhitya Kingdom

Lauhitya was a kingdom in ancient India during Mahabharata times. It was on the banks of Lauhitya river. Its capital is Lauhiti. Geography Lauhitya was the most eastern kingdom in Mahabharta times. It was located on the banks of the Lauhitya (Brahmaputra) river. To the north of Lauhitya was Aruna Parvata. To the west was …

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Suparsava Kingdom

Suparsava (Suparsa) kingdom was a kingdom in ancient India. Many years ago the Vidarbha royal line had split and the junior branch was called Kratha. The king of Suparsava kingdom was Kratha, who was brother line to Vidarbha royals. Geography The Suparsava kingdom was located on the banks of Hiranyavaha river. To the east of …

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Pragjyotisha Kingdom

Pragjyotisha kingdom was a kingdom in ancient eastern India. During Mahabharata, its king was Bhagadatta. Pragjyotisha was founded by Mahiranga, a Danava. The tribes of Pragjyotisha were skilled in elephant combat. Their elephants were trained to fight an offensive and defensive war. Pragjyotishas were the best at elephant fighting during the Mahabharata times. Geography Pragjyotisha …

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Pancha Nada Kingdom

Pancha Nada was a kingdom in ancient India. The Pancha Nada kingdom was located in Northwestern India. It was home to the Mahabharata tribe Panchanadas. Nakula conquered this kingdom on his military campaign for Yudhistira’s Rajasuya yagna. Geography Pancha Nada kingdom was located on the banks of the Sindhu river. To the north of Pancha …

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Kichaka Kingdom

Kichaka kingdom was a kingdom in ancient India. It was subordinate to Matsya Kingdom. It was ruled by Kichaka, the brother of queen Sudeshna of king Virata and commander-in-chief of king Virata. Kichaka was killed by Bhima when the Pandavas were in hiding in Matsya kingdom. The capital of this kingdom was Vetrakiya, a city …

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A picture showing the fighting of the vast armies in the Mahabharata War with the devas watching from above

Tribes in the Mahabharata War

The Kurukshetra war was the huge war of the epic Mahabharata. Most of the kingdoms of India participated in this 18-day war. Kingdoms from outside India like China and Iran also participated in the war. Tribes which Participated Pandava’s Side Panchala- Their king Drupada was the Pandavas’ most important ally. They joined the Pandavas because …

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The ganas were attendants and military troops of the gods. Many gods had ganas of their own. Gods and their Ganas 1) Shiva Ganas Leader: Ganesha Co-leaders: Nandi, Veerbhadra, Bhringi, Chandesvara 2) Vishnu Ganas Leader: Vishvaksena 3) Kubera Ganas Leader: Manibhadra 4) Deva Ganas Leader: Kartikeya Co-leader: Indra