Gods and Goddesses


Kubera is the god of wealth and money. He is also the king of the Yakshas. He is the guardian (lokapala) of the north direction. His mantra is ‘Om Sham Kuberaya Namaha’. He lives in the city of Alaka. Shiva is his good friend. Kubera is sometimes called Vaishravana or Ailavila because of his parents. …

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Vayu deva is the god of winds. He lives in Gandhavati, the city of Vayu. He was the father of Bhima the Pandava and Hanuman. His mount is the gazelle which symbolizes swiftness. He is the lokpala (dikpala) of the northwest direction. He is also known as Pavana deva. Family Sons: Makanaka, Gandhavayu, Mahabhra, Kuvara, …

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Agni deva, with fire around him, riding on his ram

Agni: The Fire God

Agni deva is the fire god and acceptor of sacrifices. He is the god of divine knowledge. He is also the ashta-dikapala (guardians of the directions) of the southeast direction. To invoke Agni deva the mantra is ‘Om Agnidevaya Namaha’. In the Vedas, Agni is the second-most important deva after Devapati Indra. His mount is …

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Varuna deva is the god of water, oceans, and the night sky. He is also the guardian (lokapala) of the west direction. He is one of the Adityas, the 12 sons of Kashyapa and Aditi. Varuna is paired with Mitra many times as Mitra-Varuna because of their similar characteristics. Varuna’s capital city is called Shraddhavati. …

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