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Pandu pointing his bow at Sage Kindama and his wife in the form of deer

Pandu: The Father of the Pandavas

Pandu was the father of the five Pandavas in the Mahabharata. He was a brave king, but one day, he accidentally shot a rishi in the form of deer. He was cursed that if he ever had sex, he would die. Pandu ended up having the children of the gods, but he couldn’t resist sex, and died.

Karna shooting an arrow in the battlefield

Karna: The Tragic Hero

Karna was the son of the Sun. His Kshatriya mother Kunti abandoned him and a low-caste family adopted him. He was a master archer, but a series of unfortunate events and bad company eclipsed his heroism, making him the tragic hero of the Mahabharata.