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Kings and princes came from all over ancient India to join the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war. Even though many akshaunis and kingdoms sided with the Pandavas they still had less than the Kauravas. Below are all the warriors on the Pandava side, which day they were slain, and who they were slain from each royal family.

Karusha Royal Family

Vasudana and his brother Neela, the king of Anupa, participated on the Pandava side. They were the sons of Vriddhasharma and Shrutadeva. Their brother Dantavakra had already been slain by Krishna. Their other two brothers didn’t participate.

Warrior Day Killed Killed By
Vasudana 12th Day Dronacharya
Neela 12th Day Ashwastamma

Kuntirashtra Royal Family

Kuntirashtra king Satyajita (also called Kuntibhoja) fought for the Pandavas. He came with his 10 sons and his younger brother, Purujita.

Warrior Day Killed Killed By
Satyajita 14th Day Dronacharya
10 Sons of Satyajita 14th Night Ashwastamma
Purujita ? Dronacharya

Nishada Royal Families

Ekalavya’s sons from Western Nishada sided with the Pandavas in the war. The king of Central Nishada was Manimana. He came to the Pandavas with his sons Dandadhara and Manimana ||.

Warrior Day Killed Killed By
Sons of Ekalavya ? ?
Manimana 12th Bhurishravas
Dandadhara ? Dronacharya
Manimana || ? Dronacharya

Malla Royal Family

The king of Mallarashtra, Deerghapragya, joined the Pandavas with his son. Both of them survived the war.

Warrior Day Killed Killed By
 Deerghapragya  Didn’t Die  Didn’t Die
 Deerghapragya’s Son  Didn’t Die  Didn’t Die

Kasi Royal Family

King Abhibhu of Kasi (son of Subahu) participated in the war on the Pandava side. He brought his sons Prakanta and Vibhu.

Warrior Day Killed Killed By
Abhibhu ? Vasudana’s Son
Prakanta ? Govisaneya
Vibhu ? ?

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