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An image with several Hindu gods

Ultimate Guide to the Many Gods of Hinduism

There are up to 33 million gods in Hinduism. From a multi-headed creator god, to a destroyer with a third eye, to an elephant-headed deity, Hinduism is full of unique gods and deities. Each of them has their own backstory and their own attributes. Read this post for an introductory guide to the Hindu pantheon and its most significant gods.

Shiva shooting an arrow at the three cities of the Tripurasuras

Tripurasura: Asuras of the Three Cities

Previous Read: Tarakasura Tripurasura refers to a trio of three asura brothers that were collectively known as Tripurasura. The individual names of the brothers are Tarakaksha, Vidyunmali, and Kamalaksha. They were the sons of Tarakasura and after he was killed by Kartikeya, they built three cities and attacked the devas. In the end, they were …

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Jayanti is the daughter of Indra and Shachi. Her name means “victorious” and she is the sister of Jayanta. She was married to Shukracharya. Family Father: Indra Mother: Shachi Brother: Jayanta Former Husband: Shukra Marriage with Shukra Once the devas had completely destroyed the asuras. Shukra, being the preceptor of the devas, started doing penance …

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Tapti (Tapati) is a goddess in Hindu mythology. She is the goddess of the Tapti river. She is the daughter of Surya Deva, the Sun god. She is called Tapti because she is the daughter of Surya, who makes the sky hot (tapa) by his brilliance. Family Father: Surya Mother: Chhaya Brothers: Savarni Manu, Shani …

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Maya is a Danava. He is a great architect of the Danavas, Daityas, and sometimes even devas. He is one of the kings of Danavas. During the Mahabharata, Maya built the Indraprastha sabha for the Pandavas and Krishna. He has a lot of mystic powers. He is known as the acharya of all the mayavis. …

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Varchas is the son of Chandra (Soma) deva. During the Mahabharata, he incarnated on Earth as Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna. Family Father: Chandra (Soma) Mother: One of Chandra’s 27 wives Incarnation of Abhimanyu In the Dwapara Yuga, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Krishna on Earth to destroy the evil. All the devas incarnated as well …

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Mangala deva on his ram with the planet Mars in the background


Mangala (Bhauma) is the god of the planet Mars. He is also the god of war, celibate, and the day Tuesday. He resides on the planet Mars. He was born of Lord Shiva and Bhumi (Prithvi) devi. His skin is a light brown color. Family Father: Shiva Mother: Bhumi (Prithvi) Birth After Sati sacrificed herself …

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Marisha was the wife of the 10 Prachetas. She was born because Indra sent Pramlocha to disturb the penance of Kandu. She was the mother of Daksha (his second birth). Family Father: Kandu Mother: Pramlocha Husbands: 10 Prachetas Son: Daksha (his second birth) Past Life In her past life, Marisha had been the wife of …

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Himavat Mountains


Himavat (Himavan) is the god and king of the Himalaya mountains. He has two forms: a mobile form and an immobile form as a mountain. Himavat is a favorite of Shiva. Family Wife: Mena (Menavati) Sons: Mainaka, 99 others Daughter: Parvati Marriage Himavat wanted to marry. All the gods, including Himavat, went to the abode …

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