Jayanti is the daughter of Indra and Shachi. Her name means “victorious” and she is the sister of Jayanta. She was married to Shukracharya.


  • Father: Indra
  • Mother: Shachi
  • Brother: Jayanta
  • Former Husband: Shukra

Marriage with Shukra

Once the devas had completely destroyed the asuras. Shukra, being the preceptor of the devas, started doing penance on Mount Kailash to acquire boons and powers from Lord Shiva. When the penance of Shukra became even more severe, Indra became worried. He sent his daughter Jayanti to become the servant of Shukra and somehow break his penance. Jayanti did not like her father’s idea, but not wanting to disrespect her father, she went to Mount Kailash. She became the attendant of Shukra and constantly stayed with him.

As Shukra’s attendant, Jayanti would do many things for him. She would prepare cold water, gather fruits, fan him, and make a bed for him. Jayanti did not try and entice him so that his penance would be broken.

After one thousand years, Lord Shiva finally appeared in front of Shukra and granted him the boons he requested for. After that, Jayanti requested Shukra to let her be his wife for ten years. Shukracharya agreed and gave her a boon that during those ten years, they would both be invisible to the world. Thus, Shukracharya married Jayanti and they lived very happily for ten years.

After ten years, Shukra went back to the asuras and Jayanti went back to Swarga.

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