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The sages of Hinduism had immense power acquired through great endeavors of spirituality. Through severe penance, they acquired the supreme truth and wrote knowledge-filled scriptures.

Parshuram massacres the Kshatriyas

The Eternal Bhargava-Haihaya Enmity Part 1: Ekavira

During the times of ancient lore, Bharatvarsha was home to dozens of kingdoms and tribes. Just like any land, these kingdoms constantly fought for supremacy. Throughout the Puranas and Itihasa, we saw great kingdoms rise and fall. The Rigveda mentions the epic “Battle of Ten Kings”. The Mahabharata ends with the Kurukshetra War, the deadliest …

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Agastya rishi

Agastya: The Conqueror of Nature

Agastya Rishi was a very renowned sage in Hinduism. From conquering mountains to draining the seas, Agastya Rishi had immense power over nature. This was due to his highly elevated spiritual state that he had achieved due to rigorous penance and devotion. Family Father: Mitra and Varuna Mother: Urvashi Brother: Vashishta Wife: Lopamudra Son: Dridhasyu …

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Ruru was a famous rishi of the Bhriguvansha. He was also known as Sunaka. He married Pramadvara, daughter of Menaka and Vishwavasu. Family Father: Pramati Mother: Grtachi Wife: Pramadvara Son: Saunaka Birth Chyavana, the son of Bhrigu, married Sukanya and had a son named Pramati. He was seduced by the Apsara Grtachi and he married …

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Bhrigu Rishi sits under a tree with his disciples around him

The Powerful Bhrigu Rishi

Bhrigu is one of the most famous sages in Hinduism. The name comes up again and again in the texts, from the Puranas to the Ramayana to the Mahabharata. In this post, we will discuss his various exploits. Over his two lifetimes, he got into some serious fights with some powerful people, including the Trimurti …

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Parashara was a great rishi. He was classified as a Maharshi. He was the father of Ved Vyas and grandson of Vashishta. He wrote many different ancient texts and scriptures, including the Parashara Samhita and the Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra (fundamental book for Vedic astrology). Family Father: Shakti Mother: Adrishyanti Wife: Satyavati Matsyagandha Son: Ved …

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Ranks of Rishis

There are three ranks of a rishi (sage): Brahmarshi, Maharshi, and Rajarshi. Brahmarshis are rishis that have overcome their senses and passions. There are also devarshis. Order Brahmarshis (Brahma rishis): The highest class of rishis are the Brahmarshis. Brahmarshis have gained mastery over their senses and passions. The Saptarishis are flawless perfect Brahmarshis. Brahmarshis also …

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Vishwamitra and Menaka making love on the riverbank


Vishwamitra is a great sage. He is one of the Saptarishis of this Manvantara, Vaivasvata Manvantara (if you don’t know what a Manvantara is, visit Time in Hinduism). He is the author of most of Mandala 3 of the Rigveda. Family Father: Gadhi Mother: Name not Known Sister: Satyavati Wives: Haimavati, Menaka Sons: 104 Sons Daughter: …

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Atri is a great sage. He is one of the Manasputra, the mind-born sons of Brahma. Atri is also a Saptarishi, the seven great sages. His wife is Anasuya. Atri is credited with composing many hymns on Vedic gods such as Indra and Agni. The fifth Mandala of the Rig Veda, Atri Mandala, is named …

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Asravya is a sage who is a member of Indra‘s court.