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Ruru was a famous rishi of the Bhriguvansha. He was also known as Sunaka. He married Pramadvara, daughter of Menaka and Vishwavasu.


  • Father: Pramati
  • Mother: Grtachi
  • Wife: Pramadvara
  • Son: Saunaka


Chyavana, the son of Bhrigu, married Sukanya and had a son named Pramati. He was seduced by the Apsara Grtachi and he married her. They had a son who was named Ruru. Ruru studied the scriptures and grew up to be a renowned hermit.

Marriage and Birth of Saunaka

Once, Ruru happened to see the beautiful Pramadvara, daughter of the Gandharva Vishwavasu and the Apsara Menaka. The moment he saw her, he fell in love with her. When Vishwavasu came to know about this, he decided to let Ruru marry his daughter. He started preparing for a grand wedding.

One day, while the preparations were being made, Pramadvara was happily running around here and there. Suddenly, a serpent approached her and bit her. She instantly fell down dead. Ruru quickly reached the spot and was very sad. He went to the Ganga river and bathed and rinsed his mouth. Ruru then took some water in his hand and said, “I have acquired the favor of God through my penance, devotion to Gayatri, offerings, meditation, and study of the scriptures. Oh God, please let her come to life, or else I will die in the waters of this river.” Making this prayer, he poured down the water.

Immediately, a messenger from heaven appeared in the sky and said, “Ruru, Pramadvara will be revived only if you are willing to give half of your life to her.” Ruru eagerly agreed and Pramadvara was revived. Soon enough, the preparations were completed and Ruru and Pramadvara were happily married.

After marriage, Ruru and Pramadvara had a son named Saunaka, who also grew up to be a great sage.

Hatred towards Serpents

Ruru started hating all serpents (Nagas) after the incident of Pramadvara’s death. Whenever he saw a serpent, he would brutally destroy it. One day he confronted the serpent Dundubha. Dundubha gave Ruru advice about righteousness. Ruru finally stopped slaughtering snakes. Ruru had also taken an interest in Janamjeya’s snake-sacrifice.

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