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Time in Hinduism

Hinduism is known for its absurd units of time. Because of the extensive span of Hinduism and Hindu mythology, time can become increasingly complex and enigmatic. Just as there are multiple systems of measuring time today, there are multiple Hindu systems as well. I have chosen the most comprehensive one. Let us start with the …

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Gandhavati is the city of Vayu deva, the god of wind. It is located in Swarga loka. It is full of riches and comforts. Some residents of this city include Vayu and his wives.


Amaravati is the city of Indra, located in the center of Swargaloka. It is situated on the peak of Mount Meru (Mount Sumeru). This city is filled with unimaginable riches. In the center of Amaravati is Vaijayanta (the palace of Indra). Surrounding that are other palaces and gardens. The main gardens of Amaravati are known …

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Swargaloka (Svarga) is the fifth-highest loka in the material universe. It is the loka of the devas and devis. In the center of Swargaloka is the peak of Mount Meru (Mount Sumeru). This mountain begins from the Earth and stretches till Svarga. On the peak of Mount Meru is Amaravati, the city of Indra. Swarga …

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Maharloka, also called Muni-loka, is the fourth-highest planet of the material universe. It is the abode of the great sages and saints like Markandeya. Below it is Swarga-loka and 20,000 yojans above it is Janaloka. Residents The residents of Maharloka are all great sages and saints. They can move between lokas in the material universe …

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Janaloka is the third-highest loka in the universe and is the abode of the sons of Brahma. Janaloka is also called Janarloka. It is 80,000 yojans below Tapoloka and 20,000 yojans above Maharloka. Residents The residents of Janaloka include the 4 Kumaras (Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana, and Sanatkumara) and mind-born sons of Brahma like Bhrigu. When …

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Tapoloka, or Tapaloka, is the second-highest loka of the universe, located 120,000,000 yojans below Satyaloka, the abode of Brahma. In Tapoloka, the deities called the Vaibhrajas reside along with many other divine entities. 80,000,000 yojans below Tapoloka is Janaloka. Residents Tapoloka is the abode of Vairagis (spirits of rishis), Vaibhrajas (divine dieties immune to fire), …

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Satyaloka is the highest loka in the material universe and is the abode of Lord Brahma. It is also called Brahmaloka. Description In Satyaloka, there are lotus flowers everywhere. These lotuses are huge, with divine energy flowing out of them. In the center of Brahmaloka, is Brahmapura. Brahmapura is a huge palace in which Brahma …

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Indra Sabha

The court of Indra is called Indra sabha. It is a beautiful court with many members. Members There are many members of Indra’s royal court. There are rishis and devtas. There are also many supernatural beings. This is a complete list of members of Indra Sabha. The members of the Indra Sabha are Parasara Rishi, …

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