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Swargaloka (Svarga) is the fifth-highest loka in the material universe. It is the loka of the devas and devis. In the center of Swargaloka is the peak of Mount Meru (Mount Sumeru). This mountain begins from the Earth and stretches till Svarga. On the peak of Mount Meru is Amaravati, the city of Indra. Swarga is like heaven. There are unimaginable riches here.


In the center of Swargaloka is the peak of Mount Meru. On Mount Meru is the beautiful and grand city of Indra, Amaravati. Surrounding Mount Meru are planets, on which there are cities and palaces of various other devas and devis. Swargaloka has unimaginable riches, beautiful gardens, delicious food and wish-fulfilling trees. The devas and devis live here in comfort and happiness.


The residents of Svarga include devas such as the 12 Adityas, the 8 Vasus, the Marutas, Kama, and other major and minor devas. Devis such as Shachi, Rati, and Annapurna also live here. Semi-divine beings like Gandharvas and Apsaras also reside here in peace, entertaining the devas. Every few days, all the devas meet for court in the Indrasabha (court of Indra), which is in Amaravati.

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