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Satyaloka is the highest loka in the material universe and is the abode of Lord Brahma. It is also called Brahmaloka.


The palace of Satyaloka, with Lord Brahma seated on a throne and surrounded by worshippers

In Satyaloka, there are lotus flowers everywhere. These lotuses are huge, with divine energy flowing out of them. In the center of Brahmaloka, is Brahmapura. Brahmapura is a huge palace in which Brahma lives in. Below Satyaloka is Tapoloka and above it is the end of the material universe and the start of the Vaikuntha planets.


Saraswati, Brahma’s wife, lives with Brahma also in Brahmapura. Along with that, thousands of entities and rishis, who are free from the bonds of materialism, also live a spiritual life here. When the time for the mahapralaya (destruction of the material universe) comes, the residents of Satyaloka transform into spiritual bodies and exit the material universe and enter Vaikuntha. Here, they reside eternally.



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