Saraswati devi seated on a lotus

Saraswati is one of the Tridevi (the wife of the Trideva). She is the wife and daughter of Brahma, the creator. Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, and learning. She lives in Satyaloka with Brahma.


  • Father: Brahma
  • Husband: Brahma

Birth and Marriage

When Brahma was creating the universe, he started meditating on sattva guna. Brahma began swelling up in his mind and because of this, a girl was born. Brahma asked her who she is.

“I am born of you. Please assign me my duties in this universe,” the girl said.

“You will be called Saraswati,” Brahma responded. “You will stay on the tip of everybody’s tongue as knowledge and music. Your second form will be that of a river. Your third form will be with me as my wife.”

Saraswati agreed to this.

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