Mangala deva on his ram with the planet Mars in the background


Mangala deva seated on his ram

Mangala (Bhauma) is the god of the planet Mars. He is also the god of war, celibate, and the day Tuesday. He resides on the planet Mars. He was born of Lord Shiva and Bhumi (Prithvi) devi. His skin is a light brown color.


  • Father: Shiva
  • Mother: Bhumi (Prithvi)


After Sati sacrificed herself in the yagna of Daksha, Shiva started becoming very sad. He abandoned the polished manners of a householder and started roaming around the universe. Because of the absence of Sati, he became depressed and went into a deep penance. He remained in this penance for a long time.

Once, a drop of Shiva’s sweat from his forehead fell on the ground. Immediately, the drop of sweat turned into a child. The child started crying. Bhumi (Prithvi) devi, the goddess of the Earth, became afraid that the child would disturb Shiva. She took the form of a lady and started taking care of the baby.

Shiva soon noticed this. He approached her and said, “Oh Bhumi devi. This child born of my sweat will be famous in the world after your name. He will become very great.”

Bhumi devi became very happy. She returned to her abode with the child. The child was named Bhauma, which means the son of the Earth.

Becoming God of Mars

When Bhauma became older, he went to Kashi. For a long time, he worshipped Lord Shiva at Kashi. Pleased by Bhauma’s devotion, Shiva gave him the status of a planet. Bhauma then went to Mars. Soon, he began to also be called Mangala.

That is why the planet Mars is called Mangala and Tuesday is called Mangalavar.

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