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The Vajra weapon

The Vajra, also known as the Vajrayudha, is Indra‘s divine weapon. The word “Vajra” means thunderbolt. It is a combination of a spear, mace, and sword. The Vajra was made from Sage Dadichi’s bones. It is extremely powerful and can shoot thunderbolts. Indra has used this weapon multiple times to kill evildoers.

Creation of the Vajra

Once an asura named Vritra was troubling the devas. He was determined on killing Indra so he had targeted the humans on Earth. He thought that if he harmed the humans, Indra would surely come to defend them. Indra and the devas went to Lord Vishnu for help.

“There is only one way. You must become close friends with Vritra. Only then, you will be able to learn about his weaknesses. When the right time comes, you will attack. But first, you must go to Sage Dadichi. He is fit to attain salvation, but I need to take a last test. Tell him to kill himself and give his bones to Vishwakarma, who will craft a powerful weapon with his bones capable of killing Vritra,” Vishnu advised.

The devas were horrified at hearing this. They had to use someone’s bones to craft a weapon. But they knew they had no other choice, so they went to Sage Dadichi’s hermitage. Sage Dadichi was immersed in deep meditation. There was bright light coming out of him. Finally, he woke up.

“Devas, why are you here? Let me give you some fruits,” Dadichi said and gave them some fruits.

Indra told Sage Dadichi everything. He then said while hesitating, “Lord Vishnu advised us to use your bones to make a weapon.”

“So I must die,” Dadichi said and smiled. “All this hesitating for just this. It is my time to leave this world. I am happy to die for the greater cause.”

Sage Dadichi sat back down in meditation. He closed his eyes and his soul left his body. Dadichi had sacrificed his life for them. Indra gave the bones to Vishwakarma, who used them to make the Vajra, Indra’s primary weapon.

Indra then befriended Vritra and learned his weaknesses. When the right time came, Indra formulated a plan and with his Vajra, killed Vritrasura.

The Vajra becomes a tiger

Narada and Parvata rishi once went to the palace of King Srinjaya. The king worshipped them for a long time. As a result of their blessings, a son was born to King Srinjaya. Indra decided to teach Narada and Parvata a lesson. Once, the king’s boy was playing in the forest. Indra instructed the Vajra to become a tiger and kill the boy. The Vajra did as commanded. King Srinjaya was very upset. But Narada and Parvata revived the son and gave him back to his father.

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