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A silhouette of Arjuna holding up the Gandiva


The Gandiva is a really powerful bow made by Brahma. During the Mahabharata, it was owned by Arjuna and it made him really strong. Creation A long time ago, Brahma made this bow with his powers of creation. The purpose behind this bow was to destroy the wicked and unjust. History Brahma kept the bow …

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The Vajra, also known as the Vajrayudha, is Indra‘s divine weapon. The word “Vajra” means thunderbolt. It is a combination of a spear, mace, and sword. The Vajra was made from Sage Dadichi’s bones. It is extremely powerful and can shoot thunderbolts. Indra has used this weapon multiple times to kill evildoers. Creation of the …

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Celestial Weapons

Gods, goddesses, and supernatural beings have their own weapons based on their abilities. These celestial weapons are very powerful and can cause massive destruction. Often, gods gave their celestial weapons to humans on Earth. List of Celestial Weapons: Astra/Shastra Deity Effect Brahmaastra Brahma total annihilation Brahmashira Brahma total annihilation Bhargavastra Parshuram mass destruction Agneyastra Agni …

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The Varunpasha is the weapon of Varuna deva. It is a powerful noose that even other gods cannot escape from. It is made out of snakes and is shaped like a lasso. Only the Tridevas can escape from it.