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Celestial Weapons

Gods, goddesses, and supernatural beings have their own weapons based on their abilities. These celestial weapons are very powerful and can cause massive destruction. Often, gods gave their celestial weapons to humans on Earth.

List of Celestial Weapons:

Astra/Shastra:           Diety:                        Effect:

Brahmaastra Brahma total annihilation
Brahmashira Brahma total annihilation
Bhargavastra Parshuram mass destruction
Agneyastra Agni inextinguishable flames
Narayanastra Vishnu showers of arrows and disks
Vayvayastra Vayu powerful winds
Vajra Indra bolts of lightning
Vaishnavastra Vishnu unstoppable targeted arrow
Suryaastra Surya dazzling rays of light
Pashupatastra Shiva unstoppable targeted arrow
Varunastra Varuna torrential waves of water
Varunpasha Varunpasha a powerful noose
Sudarshan Chakra Vishnu (specifically Krishna) unstoppable targeted disk
Vasavi Shakti Indra unstoppable targeted bolt
Sammohana Gandharvas armies collapse in a trance
Sudaamanastra Tvastra deadly destruction
Dharmapasha Yama powerful noose of death
Samvarta Yama enemies tear to pieces
Visoshana Indra dries everything
Twashtarastra Tvastra opponents battle amongst themselves
Mohiniastra Mohini dispels maya/magic
Kaalapasha Kaala noose of time
Chandrahasa Shiva invincible sword
Parusha Shiva invincible axe
Pinaka Shiva powerful bow
Vijaya Shiva powerful bow
Trishula Shiva unstoppable trident
Teen Baan Shiva three targeted infallible arrows
Bhaumastra Bhumi creates deep underground tunnels
Brahmaanastra Brahma defensive weapon
Gandiva Brahma powerful bow
Brahma Bana Brahma unstoppable targeted arrow
Parjanyastra Parjaya creates thunder clouds
Parvatastra Himavat mountains fall from sky
Nagastra Nagas targeted snake-arrow
Nagapasha Nagas binds target in snakes
Maheshwar Astra Shiva fast fiery beam as powerful as Shiva’s 3rd eye
Kaumodaki Shiva infallible mace
Antardhana Astra Kubera makes something disappear
Garudastra Garuda summons giant deadly eagles
Prajnastra restores the senses
Sauparna releases birds
Sailastra makes all wind vanish
Jyotiksha Astra Surya lightens darkness
Adityastra dries anything
Anjalikastra unstoppable targeted arrow
Sthunakarna defensive weapon
Shiva Kaakam Shiva unconquerable sword

Many of the celestial weapons have a counter-weapon. For example, the Sailastra is a counter to the Vayvayastra.

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