Varuna deva seated on his mount Makara

Varuna deva is the god of water, oceans, and the night sky. He is also the guardian (lokapala) of the west direction. He is one of the Adityas, the 12 sons of Kashyapa and Aditi. Varuna is paired with Mitra many times as Mitra-Varuna because of their similar characteristics. Varuna’s capital city is called Shraddhavati. Varuna is also a member of the assembly of Brahma. The mantra to invoke Varun deva is ‘Om Vam Varunaya Namaha.


  • Father: Kashyapa
  • Mother: Aditi
  • Brothers: Indra, Mitra, Amsa, Aryaman, Dhatri, Bhaga, Pusan, Tvastra, Parjanya, Surya, Vishnu (as Vamana)
  • Wives: Sunodevi, Nevijyeshta, Charsani, Gauri
  • Sons: Kali, Vaidya, Bala, Sura, Adharmaka, Vandi, Sushena, Pushkara, Hiranya, Vasishta Apava, Agastya
  • Daughter: Varuni, Surasundari, Suranandini

Becoming God of the Water

In Satya Yuga, after Indra killed Vritra, all the devas approached Varuna. “You must become the lord of the waters. You can reside in the ocean. All the rivers and oceans will obey your command. You will wax and wane like Chandra (the Moon),” the devas said. Varuna agreed to their request and Varuna became the god of water.


His weapons are the Varunpasha and the Varunastra. Both of them are really powerful. The Varunpasha is made of snakes.

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