Budha deva standing and blessing with his lion behind him

Budha is the god of merchandise and he is also the protector of merchants. Budha is also one of the Navagrahas. He is the god of the planet Mercury. Along with that, he is the god of Budhvara which is Wednesday.


  • Father: Chandra
  • Mother: Tara
  • Wife: the female form of Ila
  • Son: Pururavas


Chandra, the Moon god, decided to abduct Tara, the wife of Brihaspati (preceptor of the devas). After abducting her, Chandra forced Tara to marry him. Brihaspati was enraged and decided to attack Chandra. Shukracharya, the preceptor of the Asuras, sided with Chandra. This was because Shukracharya was an enemy of Brihaspati. When their preceptor joined Chandra, all the Asuras followed. All the devas and Shiva came to help Brihaspati. A fearsome war ensued between the two sides.

Seeing the war, Brahma came to the location and told the two sides to stop fighting. He ordered Chandra to return Tara to Brihaspati. Chandra had to give up Tara. Brihaspati soon realized that Tara was pregnant. Soon, the child was born and both Chandra and Brihaspati were captivated by his beauty. Both Chandra and Brihaspati claimed the boy as their child. Tara refused to give an answer as to whose son it is. The son became mad and threatened that he would curse Tara if she doesn’t reveal who his father is. Tara finally said that he was Chandra’s son. Chandra was delighted and the child was named Budha.

Later Life

In his later life, Budha married the feminine form of Ila, the son of Vaivasvata Manu. He also became the presiding god of the planet Mercury and the god of merchandise and protector of merchants.

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