Vayu deva seated on his gazelle with two attendants following

Vayu deva is the god of winds. He lives in Gandhavati, the city of Vayu. He was the father of Bhima the Pandava and Hanuman. His mount is the gazelle which symbolizes swiftness. He is the lokpala (dikpala) of the northwest direction. He is also known as Pavana deva.


  • Sons: Makanaka, Gandhavayu, Mahabhra, Kuvara, Setubandha, Pavana Gopa, Ruchi, Yajavraka, Hanuman, Bhima


His weapons were the lance and a powerful goad (ankusa). He also had a wind weapon called the Vayvayastra.

Birth of Bhima

Kunti, the wife of King Pandu, had a boon that she could summon any deva and have a son with the deva. Pandu and his two wives Kunti and Madri had gone to the jungle because Pandu had accidentally killed a rishi and his wife while hunting. They were not having any children. Kunti decided to use her boon. With her boon, she had a son named Yudhistira from Yama. She then had a son named Bhima from Vayu deva. Since he was the son of Vayu, the wind god, and wind can be really strong, Bhima was very strong. Kunti used her boon again after Bhima and also taught it to Madri, who had twins. These five were called the Pandavas.

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