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Vishwakarma: The Divine Architect

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Vishwakarma is the architect of the gods and the god of architecture, building and crafts. He is also the presiding god of all engineers, architects, builders, carpenters, and craftsmen. Vishwakarma lives in swarga and his mounts are a swan and an elephant.


  • Father: Brahma
  • Wife: Gayatri
  • Sons: Nala, Ajaykapat, Ahirbudhnya, Tvastra, Rudra
  • Daughters: Samjna, Chitrangada, Surupa, Barhismati


Vishwakarma has created most of the gods’ weapons, flying chariots, and palaces. He has also created many amazing cities on Earth.

A Few Examples:

  1. Alakapuri: When Kubera went to Vishwakarma for a residence after he became the god of wealth, Vishwakarma created the splendid city of Alakpuri on Mount Mandara.
  2. Chaitraratha: These are the most beautiful gardens in the universe. These were created by Vishwakarma for Kubera. Vishwakarma built them near Alakpuri.
  3. Indra’s Palace: After Indra became the king of the devas, he requested Vishwakarma to make a really amazing and colossal palace. After Indra killed Vritra, Indra had Vishwakarma redo the palace and make it more grand multitudinous times. (For the full story, see Indra)
  4. Lankapuri: This city, made entirely of gold, was originally created by Vishwakarma. After some time, the Rakshasa Sumali and his brothers seized the city from Vishwakarma. After the Rakshasas ran away because of Vishnu, Kubera took control of the city. Later, Ravana banished Kubera and started ruling. After Ravana’s death in the Ramayana, Vibhishana, his righteous brother, ruled for a very long time.
  5. Dvaraka: When Jarasandha kept attacking the Yadavas at Mathura, Krishna and the Yadavas moved to an island near Saurashtra. There, Krishna invoked Vishwakarma to build a beautiful city. Vishwakarma notified Krishna that the city could be built only if Samudradeva (god of the oceans and seas) gave some land. Krishna prayed to Samudradeva and eventually Samudradeva gave Krishna 12 yojans. Vishwakarma then built a beautiful city for Krishna and the Yadavas. This city came to be called as Dvaraka.
  6. Flying chariots of the devas: Most the flying chariots of the devas were built by Vishwakarma.
  7. Pushpaka Vimana: Kubera was really deformed. He had a hard time moving around. When Brahma saw this he felt sad for Kubera. To help, he had Vishwakarma build a flying chariot called the Pushpaka Vimana for Kubera. This chariot would obey any commands such as right, left, up, backwards, forwards, down etc.
  8. Vajra: Twastra created a monster named Vritra to kill Indra after Indra killed his son Vishwarupa. The devas found it really difficult to defeat Vritra. They went to Vishnu deva for help. Vishnu deva adviced to make a weapon out of sage Dadichi’s bones. Sage Dadichi agreed and sat in meditation. Soon, his soul left his body. Vishwakarma then created a gruesome weapon called the Vajra out of sage Dadichi’s bones. Soon, Indra deva killed Vritrasura with his new weapon: the Vajra.
  9. Yamapuri: Vishwakarma also created Yamapuri for Yamadeva, his Yamadutas, and his other advisors and ministers.
  10. Shraddhavati: This is the city of Varuna. It was built by Vishwakarma in the ocean.
  11. Vijaya bow: This bow was made by Vishwakarma and given to Indra.

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