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The Mahabharata is a very complex Hindu epic of two sets of brothers fighting for the throne. It is the longest poem ever written, with 200000 verses. With hundreds of characters, each with their own story, and a span of many years, this epic involves the entire Bharat and is filled with depth.


Bhima (Bheema) was the second Pandava. He was known for his immense physical strength. He was a major part of the Mahabharata. His full name was Vrikodara Bhima. Family Father: Pandu Godly Father: Vayu Mother: Kunti Brothers: Yudhistira, Arjuna Half-Brothers: Nakula, Sahadeva, Karna Wives: Draupadi, Hidimba, Jalandharaa, Panchali, Kaali Sons: Sarvaga, Ghatotgacha, Sutasoma, Shruta, Sarvottunga …

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Yudhistira was the eldest brother of the 5 Pandavas and a main character in the Mahabarata. He was known for his righteousness, respect of elders, and honesty. He was also known as Dharmaraja. Family Father: Pandu Godly Father: Yama Mother: Kunti Brother: Bhima, Arjuna, Sahadeva, Nakula Wife: Draupadi (Panchali), Devika Sons: Prativindhya, Yaudheya Daughter: Suthanu …

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Pandava Army Layout

The Pandava had 9 graded ranks of officers in the Mahabharata war. They had 7 ranks of units of army that made up there entire army. Pandavas grouped all there forces under seven Akshaunis. Pandava Army Layout Smallest unit for the Pandava army was a Sena, or in modern equivalent a platoon. A Sena consisted …

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A picture showing the fighting of the vast armies in the Mahabharata War with the devas watching from above

Tribes in the Mahabharata War

The Kurukshetra war was the huge war of the epic Mahabharata. Most of the kingdoms of India participated in this 18-day war. Kingdoms from outside India like China and Iran also participated in the war. Tribes which Participated Pandava’s Side Panchala- Their king Drupada was the Pandavas’ most important ally. They joined the Pandavas because …

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