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A human silhouette with the kalachakra and stars in the background

Time in Hinduism

Hinduism is known for its absurd units of time. Because of the extensive span of Hinduism and Hindu mythology, time can become increasingly complex and enigmatic. Just as there are multiple systems of measuring time today, there are multiple Hindu systems as well. I have chosen the most comprehensive one. Let us start with the …

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The golden Lankapura, full of palaces built on steep mountains


Lanka was the famous city of the Rakshasa king Ravana. It was situated on the island of Lanka. It was originally made as a city for the devas, but was invaded by the Rakshasa. Creation Once, Vayu (wind god) and Vasuki, the king of snakes, got in a fight. They both claimed that they were …

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Ghatotkacha jumps towards Karna's chariot, Karna draws his bow to release the Shakti

Ghatotkacha: The Giant Rakshasa

Ghatotkacha was the Rakshasa son of Bhima and the Rakshasi Hidimba in the Mahabharata. With the ability to grow to the size of mountains, Ghatotkacha was an invincible warrior and sorcerer. He was eventually killed by Karna using the Vasavi Shakti weapon.

Karna shooting an arrow in the battlefield

Karna: The Tragic Hero

Karna was the son of the Sun. His Kshatriya mother Kunti abandoned him and a low-caste family adopted him. He was a master archer, but a series of unfortunate events and bad company eclipsed his heroism, making him the tragic hero of the Mahabharata.