Matali seated on Indra's chariot as his charioteerMatali is the personal charioteer (sarthi) of Indradeva, the king of the devas. He is the greatest charioteer in the world. The way he deals with horses is so magnificent, it looks like as if the horses respond to his thought.


  • Father: Sage Samika
  • Mother: Tapasvini
  • Wife: Sudharma
  • Daughter: Guna Kesi

Birth of Matali

The birth of Matali is very interesting. It happened when the devas and asuras were battling. Indra’s weapon Vajra was broken by the demon king Andhaka. Indra asked Vishnu what to do. According to Vishnu’s advice, he asked Agni for a fire weapon. He started fighting again, but he needed a good charioteer. During this period Sage Samika and his wife Tapasvini were having a baby. A rishi had told Tapasvini that if her first child was placed on open ground in an earthquake it will multiply into two. Tapasvini and Sage Samika followed the rishi’s advice. Another child was made, but this child when it was born moved towards Indra. Gandharvas who saw this happen blesses him with mastery over charioteering. Indra accepted the child and named him Matali.

Later Life

Matali was married to Sudharma. They had a daughter named Guna Kesi. It was time for Guna Kesi to marry. Matali and Sudharma looked everywhere but found no one good. Matali was anxious. He asked Sage Narada.

Sage Narada said, “I know someone in Patala who will suite your daughter.”

Matali asked, “Who is it, please tell me.”

Narad replied, “I will not tell you, I will show you.”

So they left for Patal. Naradji took Matali to a naga named Aaryaka. Aaryaka had a grandson named Sumukha. Eventually, Guna Kesi was wedded to Sumukha.

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