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Ugrayudha was a king of North Panchala during the Mahabharata period. He was like an uncle to Prishata and Somaka (father of Drupada). He was killed by Bhishma after Shantanu’s death when he proposed that he marry Satyavati.


  • Father: Ashmaka
  • Son: Durmukha
  • Grandson: Janamejaya

Obtaining a Chakra

Ugrayudha of Panchala obtained a blazing chakra. This chakra was really powerful. It was invincible and couldn’t be pacified. This chakra was like a Shakti, it could only be used once.

Kuru-Panchala War

When Shantanu (king of Hastinapura) died, Ugrayudha saw this as an opportunity to reunite the lines of Panchala and Kuru and rule Kuru. But he knew that Bhishma would declare war if he said that. He sent a message to Bhishma.

The message read:

“O Bhishma. O bull among the Kuru lineage! Your illustrious mother, Gandhakali (Satyavati), is a jewel among women. As a wife, bestow her on me now. There is no doubt that this kingdom is prosperous with armies and all the jewels that the earth possesses. I will give you whatever you wish for. If you desire your kingdom, your life or your lineage, obey my instructions. Otherwise, you will not find any peace.”

-Ugrayudha’s Letter to Bhishma

Ugrayudha only told Bhishma that he wanted to marry Satyavati. He hid his true intention of conquering Kuru.

When Bhishma read the message, he suspected a trap in the proposal. He soon realized that Ugrayudha wanted to rule Kuru. Bhishma was infuriated because he had promised the throne of Hastinapura to Satyavati’s young children. He ordered all his commanders to prepare the army. But his advisors told him to do differently. They told him that first, he should purify himself with donation and conciliation. After that, Bhishma should march to Panchala and slay Ugrayudha.

After the period of purification, Bhishma proceded towards North Panchala. In the following war, the princes of the Neepa Vansha (another Panchala lineage) led by Janamejaya (not the grandson of Ugrayudha) also joined Ugrayudha. A terrible battle occurred between Bhishma and Ugrayudha. In the end, Ugrayudha didn’t have the chance to use his shakti and was slain by Bhishma. Bhishma also killed the princes of the Neepa Vansha. After that, Bhishma killed the entire next generation of Srinjaya Panchalas. He only let Somaka, Prishata, and Durmukha live. This war resulted in North Panchala getting conquered by Kuru.


Ugrayudha was a really arrogant king. He was evil in his intelligence and was always engaged in enmity. He was greedy and selfish.

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