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Chekitana was a minor character in the Mahabharata. He was from the kingdom of Kekeya and fought for the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra War. He was killed by Duryodhana in the war. Chekitana was never the king of Kekeya; his cousin Vrihatkshatra was made the king of Kekeya.


  • Father: Chikitana
  • Mother: Malavi
  • Brothers: Kichaka (Keechaka), Sudeshna, 105 Upakeechakas

Mahabharata War: Death

Chekitana came to the Pandava side because he was the grandson of Kunti’s sister. He brought one whole akshauni to the Pandavas. In the beginning, Chekitana was assigned with the task of handling Somadatta and Sala. Chekitana was also appointed as an Akshaunipati (head of an Akshauni) in the Pandava army.

Even though he didn’t kill any major warriors, Chekitana slaughtered many soldiers on the Kaurava side throughout the war and defeated great Kaurava warriors such as Kripacharya. On the 18th day, Duryodhana pierced him deeply with a lance in his chest. Assailed by Duryodhana, Chekitana collapsed in his chariot, which was covered with blood.

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