The Maras were the followers of Kama deva. They followed him everywhere he went and helped him spread love around the universe. They were created by Brahma to help Kama seduce Shiva, which was unsuccessful. They were violent and could only be controlled by Kama.


  • Father: Brahma


When Kama was created by Brahma, he was assigned to spread love. He decided to test his powers on Brahma and his ten mind-born sons. They became attracted to Sandhya, a manasputri of Brahma. Dharma, a son of Brahma, called Shiva for help. Shiva told Brahma and his sons that what they were doing is wrong. Brahma then got angry at Kama and cursed him, but then blessed him. After the marriage of Kama and Rati, everybody went back to their appropriate abodes.


At Satyaloka, Brahma started thinking about what had just happened. He then had an idea. He went to the abode of his ten mind-born sons, Kama, and Rati. Brahma said, “Shiva is a Yogin, so he despised us being attracted to a women. If he doesn’t allow men to be attracted to women, then the creation won’t progress. We must have Shiva take up a wife! Only Kama and Rati are capable of this feat. Kama, you and your wife shall pursue Shiva wherever he travels and seduce him.”

“I will surely do as you say, Brahma. But I need a women for Shiva to be attracted to,” Kama said.

Brahma started thinking about by whom Shiva is to be enamored. As he was in deep thought, he heaved a sigh from which Vasanta was created.

Brahma said, “Kama, Vasanta will be your constant companion. Now go, and try to seduce Shiva. I will create a women who will captivate Shiva.” Kama, Vasanta, and Rati went to the spot where Shiva was staying and tried to seduce him, but failed.

Hearing what had happened, Brahma heaved a deep sigh of frustration. From this sigh, a group of violet beings playing on various loud instruments were created. They were shouting: Kill, Cut.

“Oh Brahma, who are these people that you have produced. What is their job in this universe? Why have they been created?” Kama questioned.

“They are shouting Maraya (which means kill) very often. Hence, they will be known as the Maras. This group will go around violently disrupting the activities of everybody. But they can only be controlled by you. Their sole purpose is to follow you as companions wherever you go,” Brahma answered. “Now go and try to seduce Shiva again.”

Trying to Seduce Shiva

Kama, Rati, Vasanta, and the Maras went to Shiva but failed once again. Knowing that nothing could be done to seduce Shiva, Vasanta, Kama, Rati and their followers returned to their abode.


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