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Famous Kings

There were many great kings in Hindu mythology and they performed unsurpassed feats. Most kings were from the two main royal lineages: Chandravansha and Suryavansha.


Ambarisha was a great king of the Suryavansha dynasty. He was a king of Ayodhya. But he had battled many other kings and conquered the world. He was the great-grandson of Vaivasvata Manu. His father was Nabhaga. Ambarisha was also a great devotee Vishnu and knew that worldly things weren’t important. He was humble and …

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Devaka was a king from the Yadu dynasty. He was the father of Devaki, the real mother of Krishna. All seven daughters of Devaka married Vasudeva. Family Father: Ahuka Brother: Ugrasena Sons: Devavana, Upadeva, Sudeva, Devavardhana Daughters: Dhrtadeva, Santideva, Upadeva, Srideva, Devaraksita, Sahadeva, Devaki


Karusha was a son of Vaivasvat Manu, the son of Surya deva. He was the founder of the Karusha kingdom. He was a king. His sons were the future rulers of Karusha kingdom. He started a lineage of rulers of Karusha kingdom. Family Father: Vaivasvat Manu Mother: Shraddha Brothers: Pramshu, Narishyant, Shayarti, Nriga, Dhristi, Prashadhra, …

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