Adi was a Daitya. He was the son of Andhaka, an asura killed by Shiva. He wanted to take revenge for his father but was also killed by Shiva.

Known Family

  • Father: Andhaka
  • Brother: Baka

Death by Shiva

Adi wanted to avenge his father Andhaka, who had been killed by Shiva. He decided to try to kill Shiva. But, he knew he couldn’t kill Shiva. He started doing penance to appease Lord Brahma. Soon, Brahma appeared in front of him. Adi wanted to ask for invincibility but was so excited that he couldn’t express what he wanted clearly. Brahma took advantage of this and granted him the boon that he will only be invincible when he is in the form of an Asura, not any other disguise.

With his new power, Adi went to Mt. Kailash. He took the form of a snake and entered Kailash easily. At this time, Shiva was in the form of Parvati. When Shiva saw the snake, he immediately knew it was Adi. Shiva got up and killed Adi with his Trishul.

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