Vajranaga was a Daitya (a class of Asura). He was the son of Kashyapa and Diti. He had enmity with Indra. He later became an ascetic.


  • Father: Kashyapa
  • Mother: Diti
  • Wife: Varangi
  • Brothers: Sivi, Aswapati, Aswa, Hiranyakashipu, Hiranyaksha, Sarabha, Chandra
  • Sister: Sinhika (Holika)
  • Sons: Taraka, Surapadman, Simhamukha


Diti was concerned that her sons were being slain and defeated by the devas. She sought a boon from Kashyapa that a son who will kill Indra is granted to her. Kashyapa gave her the boon. But, Indra interfered and aborted the fetus. Thus, the Marutas were born.

Diti tried again. She asked Kashyapa once again for the same boon. Kashyapa granted it to her. After performing penance for many years, a son was finally born to her, whom she named Vajranaga.

Conquering Swarga and Marriage

When he grew up, Vajranaga decided to fulfill the purpose of his life: killing Indra. Vajranaga conquered Swarga and captured Indra. He dragged Indra by his hair and presented him in front of Diti. He was about to kill Indra when Brahma and Kashyapa interfered. Kashyapa said, “Don’t kill him. You have already humiliated him, which is just like killing someone.” Vajranaga reluctantly listened to them. Brahma granted Vajranaga a boon that he will become a great ascetic.

Soon, Vajranaga married a woman named Varangi. They lived happily for a long time.

Forest Life

After some time, Vajranaga and Varangi decided to go to the forest. Vajranaga left to perform a really long penance. Varangi did penance in their small hut.

Once, Indra decided to take revenge on Vajranaga. He went to their hut and uprooted all of the nearby trees in the form of a monkey. He took the form of a sheep and ate all the grass. He then took the form of a snake and unsuccessfully attempted to bite Varangi. Varangi patiently endured all of this.

When Vajranaga came back, he was enraged to see Varangi in this situation. He prayed to Brahma. When Brahma finally appeared, he asked for the boon that they have a son who defeated Indra and torments the devas for a long time. Brahma granted him this boon. Varangi and Vajranaga soon had a son named Taraka. They also had two other sons named Surapadman and Simhamukha.


Vajranga and Varangi lived in the forest for the rest of their life peacefully. They died of old age after thousands of years.

Their three sons, led by Tarakasura, grew up and took revenge on their father’s behalf by tormenting the Devas.

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