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Uluka was a minor character in the Mahabharata and the son of Shakuni and his wife Arshi. He was killed during the Kurukshetra war by Sahadeva.


  • Father: Shakuni
  • Mother: Arshi


Uluka was born in Gandhara to Shakuni and his wife Arshi. He lived in Hastinapura for most of his life with Shakuni.

Emissary Before the Kurukshetra War

Before the Kurukshetra war, the Kauravas sent Uluka as an emissary. Duryodhana instructed Uluka to mock the Pandavas and inform them of the Kauravas’ strength. Uluka went to the Pandava camp. He started making fun of the Pandavas and boasts about the Kauravas’ power. Bhima and Arjuna were infuriated and were about to kill Uluka, when Yudhishthira stopped them. He told them that the words of the emissary are not his own.

Kurukshetra War and Death

Uluka fought valiantly in the Kurukshetra War. On the last day of the war, he noticed his father Shakuni defeated by Sahadeva and he interfered. After a long fight, Sahadeva killed Uluka. Sahadeva then slew Shakuni.

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