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Kamboja was a kingdom in ancient India. It was located in northwestern India. Its capital was Rajapura. The Kambhojas, Kashmira, Abhisaras, Nagas, and many other tribes resided in Kamboja. Kamboja was famous for its excellent horse breeds. The Kambhojas were also proficient at fighting with their bare hands. Kambhoja is modern-day northern Jammu and Kashmir.


Gandhara was to the west of Kambhoja. To its north was Darada and to its east was Loha To the south of Kambhoja were Bahlika, Madra, and a Paurava kingdom. Kekeya was to the southwest of Kambhoja and to its southeast were Kinnara territories. Rishika was to its northeast.

Territories Controlled by Kambojas

Kamboja was a large kingdom. Many smaller kingdoms were under Kamboja. The entire Kashmir valley was under Kamboja’s rule. This valley consisted of the mighty Kashmira kingdom surrounded by mountains, a Naga king named Lohita’s territories, and territories of ten minor chiefs. Kamboja also controlled the Abhisara kingdom, with Avisari as its capital. Further north, they also had full control over the Uraga kingdom. Eastern Kambhoja was an extension of Kambhoja territories.

Allies of Kambhoja

Darada Kingdom was a strong ally of Kamboja. Both kingdoms were constantly trading with each other. Northern Rishika was also allied to Kamboja. Both traded amazing horses with other kingdoms and with each other. Loha was another kingdom allied to the Kambojas.

Kings During the Mahabharata

During the Mahabharata, the king of Kamboja was Kamatha. He was a cousin and loyal supporter of the Pandavas. During the Pandavas’ exile, Kamatha retired and went to live in the forest. Sudakshina, the son of Somadatta, then became king. He was a Bahlika so he supported the Kauravas. He was a friend of Duryodhana and very dear to Gandhari.

Karna’s Military Campaign

Kamboja surrendered to Hastinapura during Karna’s digvijaya and gave a lot of tribute.

Kamboja in the Kurukshetra War

Kambojas under Sudakshina sided with the Kauravas. The Kamboja army was an Akshauni. The Kamboja army was annihilated by Arjuna on the fourteenth day. Arjuna also killed Sudakshina on the fourteenth day.

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