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Pragjyotisha kingdom was a kingdom in ancient eastern India. During Mahabharata, its king was Bhagadatta. Pragjyotisha was founded by Mahiranga, a Danava. The tribes of Pragjyotisha were skilled in elephant combat. Their elephants were trained to fight an offensive and defensive war. Pragjyotishas were the best at elephant fighting during the Mahabharata times.


Pragjyotisha Kingdom is on the banks of the Lauhitya river. To the south of Pragjyotisha is Samatata kingdom. To the east is Sonita kingdom and to the west are kingdoms like Vardhamana, Kausiki Kaksha and Videha. To the southwest are Pundra, Suhma and Prasuhma kingdoms. to the east of Pragjyotisha is also Karatoya river.

Danava Dynasty Rules Pragjyotisha

There was a Danava named Mahiranga. He established Pragjyotisha kingdom. After Mahiranga, the next ruler of Pragjyotisha was Hatakasura. After that, Hatakasura’s son Sambarasura ruled Pragjyotisha. Next, Samabasura’s son Ratnasura ruled. Ratnasura then handed the throne of Pragjyotisha to his son Ghatakasura.

King Naraka of Pragjyotisha

A long time ago when Hiranyaksha terrorized the Earth a son was born to Bhumi devi. His name was Narakasura. He soon killed Ghatakasura and started to rule Pragjyotisha. He established its capital as Prakjyotishapura. He became extremely evil and captured Swargaloka and also took Aditi devi‘s magical earrings. He had a son named Bhagadatta. He had 11 akshaunis under his control and a five-headed demon named Mura. In the end Mura and Narakasura were both killed by Krishna.

(For the full, detailed story, see Narakasura)

King Bhagadatta of Pragjyotisha

Bhagadatta was the son of Narakasura. He was a good ruler. He extended his empire and had the Kiratas, Chinas, Mleccha tribes living near the ocean and Suhmas under his control. His empire extended throughout lots of modern Nepal. In his military campaign king Bhagadatta was defeated by Arjuna.

During the Mahabharata war, Bhagadatta joined the Kauravas. The Pragjyotishas, Chinas and Kirata tribes under Bhagadatta were in the army of Duryodhana. Bhagadatta was slain by Arjuna.

King Vajradatta of Pragjyotisha

Vajradatta was the son of Bhagadatta. He did not participate in the Kurukshetra war. He ruled the kingdom of Pragjyotisha after Bhagadatta’s death. Arjuna fought with him to collect tribute for Yudhistira‘s Ashwamedha yagna.

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